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Game one in the bag

After a close first quarter we gradually pulled away from DVTK and won the first leg of the league semi-final series.

Sopron Basket - ALUINVENT-DVTK Miskolc 89-64 (24-19, 20-12, 21-17, 24-16)

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 9, Walker 15/3, Williams 15/6, Brooks 15/6, Határ 10 Sub.: Czukor 14/12, Krajisnik 8, Varga S. 3/3, Varga K. -, Varga A. -

ALUINVENT-DVTK Miskolc: Medgyessy 19/6, Aho 2, Kányási 12/3, Hayes 14, Mokango 5/3 Sub.: Pusztai 4, Tóth F. 4, Kiss A. 4, Vukov -, Frindt -


FGS: 32/663 51% ill. 27/57 47%

3-PTS: 10/23 44% ill. 4/13 31%

FTS: 15/21 71% ill. 6/10 60%

Rebounds: 36 (Krajisnik 12) ill. 31 (Tóth F. 8)

Assists: 22 (Fegyverneky 7) ill. 18 (Medgyessy 5)

Steals: 9 ill. 4

Turnovers: 9 ill. 13

Faults: 17 ill. 21

Diósgyőr took the early lead with a basket by hayes, to which Zsófi was able to answer back right away at the other end. Medgyessy gave the lead right back to the away side with a triple, and then Megan flashed her skills – our American player first put two fre ethrows in place, and then hit a triple from the corner giving us the lead (3rd minute 7-5). Gabby made one free throw, while Medgyessy hit two, so the difference got back down to a single point again, but in the middle of the quarter the guests were on the front foot again thanks to a triple by Medgyessy, and after a made shot by Mokango from outside it was Dávid Gáspár’s turn to call a time-out (6th minute 12-15). After the short pause there was a lead change on almost every possession, but we came out on top at the end of the period, and were going into the next one in possession of a five-point advantage (10th minute 24-19).

Medgyessy was successful after penetration at the beginning of the second quarter, while on the home side Betti started scoring, who made a field goal, too, after Nina Aho’s basket (13th minute 27-23). The earlier five-point differential got restored by the middle of the quarter. What’s more, Betti made a basket while drawing a foul, forcing Attila Földi to call a time-out (32-25). Our center also converted the and-one, and then Megan followed in her footsteps by making two at the foul line increasing our lead to double digits for the first time in the game, however, Medgyessy was abel to cut into it on a fast-break right away. In spite of Kányási’s buzzer-beating triple the end of tha half was ours again, so we went into the half-time break in a comfortable position (20th minute 44-31).

Megan got the second half going with a double, to which Mokango answered back from inside. Both sides made some baskets in this period, but after a three-point play by Jeca our advantage got close to twenty points, forcing the next time-out for the guests (24th minute 55-38). The away team tried to come closer with two quick baskets after the break, but the girls had an answer to that, too. Firstly, Tina was successful from inside the paint, and then Megan converted two free throws into points. What’s more, after a triple by Dalma we were already on a 7-2 run, when Medgyessy made her next basket. After that Gabby came up wit ha three-point play setting the score for the quarter (30th minute 65-48).

Tina put Jeca up for a chance she couldn’t miss under the bast at the beginning of the final stage of the game for two points. At the other end Franka Tóth put a rebound back up for two, while Gabby hit a three (32nd minute 70-50). DVTK came closer on top of the scoring by Tóth and Kiss, but then Jeca made one from downtown. In the next few minutes the differenc got stuck around twenty points, which we were able to increase in the last minutes with a full-Hungarian line-up, giving ourselves a confident victory in Game 1 of the semi-final series (40th minute 89-64).

Dávid Gáspár: DVTK got into a good rhythm early on, leading long attacking possessions. On many occasions we slept on them at the end of the 24, that is something we have to work on. We have to keep up the focus all the way through the game, and pay more attention to the weak side movements. We needed some time to get used to their defense, and find the open shots. We want to go for that in the future and reduce the amount of mistakes. Congratulations to both teams, it was a good game!

Dalma Czukor: Congratulations to Miskolc, it was a really tough game, in which we played well as a team, and did what the coach asked from us. There were some mistakes in concentration, but we will fix them.

Attila Földi: Congratulations to Sopron for the well-deserved victory! I think we will be able to make it more difficult for them. We made many unforced errors on defense, as well as on offense tonight. I don't think that would have affected the final score, but it would have looked better. I hope we will be able to play a much sharper game.

Veronika Kányási: Congratulations to Sopron, they played very nicely! We didn't start the game in a bad rhythm, but we had some minor bumps, which we can't afford against a team like Sopron. Our defense got softer, they took advantage of that, and that led to the bigger difference. We will do everything to make it harder for them in Miskolc!

- 2021-03-31

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