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Euroleague HUB - Preparations in progress

The Euroleague HUb in Sopron begins in two weeks, before which an online press conference was held on Monday morning with the participation of secretary of state dr. Tnde Szab representing the Government of Hungary, Ferenc Szalay, the president of the Hungarian basketball Federation, Szabolcs Csiszr, the vice mayor of Sopron MJV and Zoltn Trk the managing director of the host Sopron Basket.

Dr. Tnde Szab greeted those present first, including a big number of press representatives. In her speech she emphasized that it is crucial even in this pandemic situation to provide the athletes with the opportunity to compete under serious restrictions. The Euroleague group will be organized along these lines, with the assured support of the Hungarian government. She recalled the prestigious events of recent years in Sopron, the outstanding results of our club, which have put the federation, the town and the club on the top drawer on international level. "We trust their expertise, and their skills! We wish them the best of luck!" she added.

Ferenc Szalay the president of the Hungarian Basketball Federation called the bubble system a great challenge, which is also a good opportunity for the federation to test the system ahead of the future. "Keeping the culture and sports alive is extremely important! We shouldn't set goals in numbers, but we should aim to survive. Thank you to everyone who contributed to making this event reality." concluded Ferenc Szalay.

Representing Sopron MJV vice mayor Szabolcs Csiszr highlighted that sport has always been given big support, and by hosting such outstanding international events we have already won. "The bubble system is a special circumstance, but we have great experts, and we will give them all the help needed from the background to be able to speak of a successful event afterwards!"

Zoltn Trk, the managing director of our club has first thanked everyone who contributed to winning the application. "We will need all the experience and expertise of recent years to keep the reputation of our nation up to our standards and bring joy to the Hungarian sports enthusiasts with a good result. our managing director highlighted, who has also provided some interesting data: We are working with a 23-person staff to serve our 100 guests. 243 people will get into voluntary quarantine, and about 1100 tests will be done during the HUB so that we can conclude a safe, and world class event even under such changed circumstances.

Besides praising our opponents it was also said regarding our own team that everyone has been through the illness already, and except for Betti Hatr, in case of whom we have prevented the occurrence of some serious complications that would result in a tragic outcome thanks to thinking ahead, we can get into the tournament with an almost complete roster. "We are trying to live up to the trust we were given by great enthusiasm and by putting all of our experience and knowledge in!" concluded Zoltn Trk.

M4 Sport will broadcast all of our team's games live, but the rest of the games will also be available via the Euroleague YouTube channel, and on the foreign tv channels that bought the license to broadcast.

The schedule of the tournament which will take place behind closed doors will be as follows:

Tuesday, December 1st

18.00 Bourges Basket Sopron Basket
21.00 Galatasaray Basket Landes

Thursday, December 3rd

18.00 Sopron Basket - Galatasaray
21.00 Basket Landes Bourges Basket

Friday, December 4th

16.30 Basket Landes Sopron Basket
19.30 Bourges Basket - Galatasaray

- 2020-11-16

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Tovbbi hireink
We came up big in our last game of the Euroleague regular season against Landes and finished the group with a flawless record
01/22 18:47
    Keeping the flawless record alive
We close the bubble in France against Basket landes from 5 pm on Friday
01/21 10:30
    Hibtlan sorminta mentn haladnnk tovbb
Pnteken 17 rtl a Basket Landes ellen zrjuk a franciaorszgi buborkot, mely szmunkra mr tt nlkl zajlik, miutn biztosan megnyertk a csoportunkat
01/21 10:27
    Energy cells recharged
We have been through a mentally and physically very demanding game against Bourges on Monday night, which we managed to win securing top spot in our group
01/20 11:23
    Energiacellk jratltve
Rendkvl fraszt, fejben s testben is sok energit ignyl mrkzst vvtunk meg sikeresen htf este a Bourges ellen, mellyel bebiztostottuk els helynket a csoportban
01/20 11:09
    Double victory over Bourges complete
We managed to come back from a first quarter deficit and stretched our unbeaten record in Euroleague to five in a row! Sopron Basket - Bourges Basket 74-67 (23-20, 18-15, 21-14, 12-18) Bourges
01/18 22:12
    Megcsinltuk! Csoportelsknt jutottunk a legjobb nyolc kz!
Remek csapatmunkval hazai krnyezetben is legyztk az Euroliga klasszikuson a Bourges csapatt, gy nem csak, hogy tovbbjutottunk, de els helyen is zrtuk a csoportunkat
01/18 22:09
    Pressure rising in the bubble
Although the air pressure decreased on the sunny morning in the city of Bourges, but the teams in competition for the quarter finals were rather feeling the increase of pressure on themselves
01/17 16:21
    Emelkedik a nyoms a buborkban
A lgnyoms ugyan cskkent a napsttte vasrnapi reggelen Bourges vrosban, de a negyeddnts szerepls jogrt harcol csapatok inkbb a nyoms nvekedst rezhettk magukon
01/17 16:10
    Bonjour Bourges! - We moved in to the bubble
Sopron woke up to a freezing cold, windy morning, and so did the members of our teams traveling delegation to get on the road through Vienna and Paris towards Bourges, the final station of the regular season of Euroleague
01/16 19:11
    Bonjour Bourges! Bekltztnk a buborkba
Fagyos, szeles reggelre bredt Sopron, kzte csapatunk utaz delegcijnak tagjai, hogy Bcs s Prizs rintsvel az Euroliga alapszakasznak utols llomsa, Bourges fel vegye az irnyt
01/16 18:46
    Staying on winning ways ahead of second Euroelague bubble
We managed to keep our unbeaten record intact against PEAC-Pcs before heading to Bourges for the second Euroleague bubble
01/14 19:58
    Vgig ritmusban maradtunk
A keddi, pcsi tallkozhoz kpest ma a sznet utn is j ritmusban kosrlabdztunk
01/14 19:32
    Sopron-Pcs: Round two
Ahead of the bubble in France our team will take on PEAC-Pcs once again
01/13 11:08
    Sopron-Pcs: A msodik
A franciaorszgi bubork eltt mg egyszer megmrkzik csapatunk s a PEAC-Pcs
01/13 11:07
    A tale of opposite halves
We built up a commanding lead in the first half, building on which we managed to come away with a win from Pcs
01/12 19:48
    Egy flid alatt eldntttk
Cstrtkn mris jhet a kvetkez tallkozja a kt si rivlisnak, de immr Sopronban
01/12 19:38
    League game against PEAC ahead of the bubble
We take on PEAC-Pcs twice within 48 hours, in Pcs on Tuesday, and in Sopron on Thursday
01/11 11:51
    PEAC elleni bajnoki a bubork eltt
48 rn bell ktszer is megmrkznk a PEAC-Pcs egyttesvel, kedden Pcsett, majd cstrtkn Sopronban
01/11 11:50
    Bourges take revenge for Euroleague defeat
In the French league Bourges took on the other French side in our Euroleague group, Landes
01/11 09:44

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