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Final rehearsal before Euroleague coming up!

We have one league game ahead of us before the Euroleague season begins next week. On Saturday from 6 pm we are trying to make our game even better against ELTE-BEAC jbuda.

The first half of the game against TFSE-MTK didn't go as planned. There were problems with the level of concentration, and we have made more mistakes under our own basket than we should have. We have to improve on these if we want to stay competitive in the international elite. Our first chance to do so is coming right up against ELTE-BEAC jbuda.

They didn't have much chance on the road against PEAC and DVTK, but playing guests to PINKK last time out they collected their first win (59-82). Besides the two Canadian international players . Fogg and LI - the trio of Laklth, Szab and Mrsz were carrying their team on their backs. They played well together, these five players averaged over 30 minutes on court and scored 80 of the 82 points.

We are the favorites of the game, - the last time our opponents were able to celebrate victory against us was in the 93/94 season and hopefully we can play in a way on which we could build in Montpellier. Fun fact: on the 56th league clash between the two sides we may score our 5000th point against BEAC. To do that we have to collect 63 points, for which there is a real chance.

Before the game Alz Varga shared her thoughts with us.

Tickets can be purchased at the venue for 1200 HUF. Entry to the game is free of charge below the age of 14 and above 70!

The game can be followed via live online statistics at the
federation's website
, and via live video streaming at

Sopron vs. BEAC

55 league games
46 wins/9 losses
4937 points scored/3385 conceded

- 2019-10-11

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A 2018-as FINAL4 dntje kapcsn nnepre kszlt minden magyar kosrlabda bart! Elszr lphetett plyra magyar csapat az Euroliga elssgrt! A tloldalon egy kisebb vilgvlogatott sorakozott fel, mely rvnyre is juttatta nagyobb erejt a remekl kzd csapatunkkal szemben
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Klubunk befejezte a 2020/21-es kosrlabda szezon csapatnak kialaktst
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Even making it to the FINAL4 in 2018 was an incredible performance, not to mention that for the first time in club history we were able to host the top clubs of Euroleague and many important personalities of the basketball world
05/14 09:10
    A HRMAS!
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One of the most important milestones of Sopron1s women’s basketball
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    Triumph in a dramatic finals series in 2011
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    Drmai finlban diadalmaskodtunk 2011-ben
A krmendi kupa elssg kivvsa utn plyahtrnybl vgtunk neki a bajnoki dntnek
05/01 09:45

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