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Sopron Basket 2019/2020

Following the traditions we evaluated the season with a supporters' gathering, and the coaching staff and roster of Sopron Basket for 2019/2020 was also revealed.

Managing Director Zoltán Török has spoken fondly of the performance of the last two years that has brought our team to the top. The staff, the players and those working in the background have all done an incredible job. Besides the success on court the two iconic FINAL4s, the development of the arena and its surroundings, and the work done at the youth teams have all increased the prestige of our club.

"Sopron is a venue for basketball events that can be one of the hubs of not only Hungarian but also European basketball, at some times even its capital. We can provide such magic, and put such organization behind it, which is unique! Sopron-style! We all have to be proud of that!" - emphasized Zoltán Török, while thanking the government and the city for their support.


After the evaluation of all aspects the most important issue for the fans came next, the changes in the roster. It has been announced before that Roberto Iniguez and his staff wouldn't want to extend their contracts that expired after two years. "What Roberto agreed to do he did with honor! We thank him for that! I wish him that his dreams that always drove him come true. Let him be loved at his new station at least as much as he was loved in Sopron, and let him be even more successful than he was in Sopron. I hope that our paths can cross someday in the future again, until then, as he said when he left: "Both of us against the wind!"

As for the players, Queralt Casas, Candice Dupree, and Amanda Zahui are those who we couldn't offer a contract, although we were completely satisfied with their performances. We have done everything to keep Yvonne Turner, but she has reached such heights in the last three years in Sopron that we can't affor to keep her any longer.


The announcement of next year's roster began with those who still have a contract: "Sopron Basket is unimaginable without Zsófia Fegyverneky! Her experience, knowledge and mentality are signatures of Sopron Basket!" - our Managing Director praised our team captain. Our young Hungarian core, the basis of Sopron's future now in a tight rotation, big responsibility, and unchanged: Betti Határ, Debóra Dubei, Virág Weninger, Dalma Czukor, and Kamilla Varga. The development of talented youngsters is one of our important signatures in Europe, they have to carry Sopron's banner in the future!

Among the players extending their contracts the name of the still only 23 years old player, starting her 6th season here in Sopron, Aleksandra Crvendakic was the first, who we look at as an icon already. "A great example of what Sopron's identity means!"

Zoltán Török was happy to announce Tina Jovanovic's 2-year contract extension, and then started to talk about the newly arriving players, among whom the first in line was someone who came back from maternity leave without even actually leaving. Jelena Brooks, our Jeca has written her name in the club's history books with such great triples and other moments that we can only talk about her with just as much praise as we did about Aleks.

Our managing director continued with a young talent, who signed a three-year contract. The 18-year-old Alíz Varga played for Vasas as a youth player, the club, to which we are tied with a tight emotional bond.

Last, but not least, an experienced American player was announced, the number one point guard from Phoenix Mercury, Briann January, whose arrival will change the line-up of the team slightly. We will start the season with a two guard system. "We were looking for such a partner next to Zsófi with whom we can keep up the level of the point guard position through the entire season in a Wednesday-Saturday rhythm. I have been following Briann's game for a long time now, especially in her 9 seasons in Indiana. I saw her win the WNBA, and lead her team to the final multiple times. She is an extremely reliable point guard, who has been selected in the Defensive team of the WNBA 6 times in a row. I hope she won't need much time to get used to the Sopron system" - Zoltán Török expressed his hopes, adding that we are looking for a 12th, young player.

"They are the players who have to keep writing the Sopron novel, the great work of te predecessors" - Zoltán Török wrapped his thoughts about the roster.

The head coach position will be filled by a young coach with great potential, Dávid Gáspár, with whom discussions have been going on for two years, and has led ZTE to a championship bronze medal and a 4th place in the last two years!

"He has a great ability to communicate, speaks English excellently, wants to learn whatever it takes, and has proven to me in the past two years that he is ready to do all the tasks he gets! I wish to all of us that a new chapter open with his lead in our club's life!" - said Zoltán Török, and then he moved on to the next member of the coaching staff, who he thinks of as his own professional mentor. The assistant and mentor of Dávid Gáspár will be one of the former favorites of Sopron fans, Stevan Karadzic, "Pista", who has a nice coaching career behind himself on the senior as well as on the youth level. His task will be the assistance of the head coach and the education of the youth players.

The physical trainer who will also be responsible for rehabilitation has been living among us for some time now. Róbert Szegedi has done a beautiful job with our youngsters last year, and with Zsófi in the pre-season, while with Yvonne during the season, and he also proved his capabilities in the Academy.

The place for the scouting coach is still to be filled, negotiations are still going on.

"It is important that the results and the principles be loyal to Sopron Basket, but next year principles will be even more important than results! What goals can we set for a 13-time champion and 8-time cup winner for the next season? Let's win the next game!" - our Managing Director said closing his thoughts.


Fegyverneky Zsófia 1-2 178 cm HUN 1984
Briann January 1-2 173 cm USA 1987
Varga Kamilla 1-2 182 cm HUN 1999
Weninger Virág 2 178 cm HUN 1997
Czukor Dalma 3 183 cm HUN 1999
Dubei Debóra 3 183 cm HUN 1997
Aleksandra Crvendakic 3-4 186 cm SRB 1996
Varga Alíz 3-4 186 cm HUN 2001
Jelena Brooks 4 189 cm SRB 1989
Tina Jovanovic 5-4 192 cm SRB 1991
Határ Bernadett 5 208 cm HUN 1994

Head coach: Gáspár Dávid
Coach: Stevan Karadzic
Physical coach: Szegedi Róbert

- 2019-05-20

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