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The schedule calls us to Budapest before Turkey

Two very difficult games await our team before Christmas in Euroleague, between which we are facing easier tasks on paper.

We will play guests to Vasas Akadmia on Sunday from 6 pm in the capital. The team based in Pasart currently occupies the 8th place on the table, which is a play-off spot with a 3-5 record. They have got valuable victories against their immediate rivals, but against the "big" teams Vasas's young players were mostly only able to gain experience. Last time out Miskolc left Pasart with a 30-point win. We can find some talented players on Attila Fldi's roster, what's more, from their international players Serbian Smailbegovic was born in 2001, while Bosnian Heljic was born in 2000. Experience is represented by 29-year-old Karakasevic, and two former youth national team members, Szonja Vukov and Vivien Brndy. The latter has become a professional player at our Academy, and has grown to be one of the best 3x3 players in recent years.

Our team is in a tough stretch of games, so we can expect that against Vasas players who have had less opportunities to play against Kursk will have more minutes on court. Virg Weninger also expects that the emphasis will be on them this time.

Let's hope that the game will prove to be a good preparation for next Thursday's road game in the Euroleague against Hatay. The game can be followed via live statistics at website.

Sopron vs. Vasas

25 games, 25 wins
2302 points scored, 1275 conceded

- 2018-12-07

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Tovbbi hireink
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It's only us remaining undefeated in the Hungarian championship now, and we are aiming to keep it that way at our next appearance from 3
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10/15 13:37
    Mszaki hiba miatt Bcsben ragadt csapatunk
Az Euroliga nyitnyra kszld csapatunknak nem indult jl az els tja
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The most prestigious international women's competition, the Euroleague is getting started on Wednesday
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10/14 20:59
    Tasting the fabulous ZAKAnT
The board of our club and the coaching staff have been invited by Tmea Szarjas Hotel Director and Istvn Soltsz Executive Director to Hotel Sopron for a lunch meeting
10/14 15:21
    Megkstolhattuk a ZAKAnT mess zeit
Klubunk vezetsge s csapatunk szakmai stbja Szarjas Tmea szlloda igazgat s Soltsz Istvn zemeltetsi igazgat meghvsra a Hotel Sopronban vendgeskedett egy beszlgetssel egybekttt ebd erejig
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    Nem mindig voltunk ritmusban
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    Final rehearsal before Euroleague coming up!
We have one league game ahead of us before the Euroleague season begins next week
10/11 13:05
    Jn az Euroliga fprbja!
Mg egy bajnoki van elttnk a jv heti Euroliga rajt eltt
10/10 22:26
    Two for two in the capital
TF put up a good fight in the first half but we managed to crack their defense and got another confident win in the league
10/09 20:51

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