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Everything sorted out!

Zahui followed by Dupree and Sliskovic on board

In the middle of our club's long and troublesome pre-season we have got some good news from our Managing Director, as a result of which we have all our problems sorted out.

As it has been published by a statement form the player before, Jelena Milovanovic's contract has been put on hold for this season, because the player is about to become a mother. Her replacement, Amanda Zahui has arrived to us, however there have been some problems regarding her physical status. After lengthy negotiations a deal has been made today that is acceptable for both parties, as a result of which the player will be eligible to work as a full-time member of the team from Monday on under the guidance of the coaching staff.

Photo: Zsombor Tóth
Our other center Tina Jovanovic has undergone her first ankle surgery, and began rehabilitation. As soon as her physical status allows her other ankle correction surgery will be done as well. After the Christmas break Tina will be able to rejoin the team full-time. We owe huge gratitude to Patrícia Bakó and Fanni Kocsis who have been filling in for them with great effort so far. They have set an example of loyalty to the club for the others, which is also worth mentioning!

For Tina's replacement our club has found a not at all usual solution. We have made a so-called training contract with our former player Iva Cuzic-Sliskovic, who was the member of our league champion and cup winner team in 2007. The player who has a great mentality has played for numerous Euroleague teams since then and she doesn't have a team to play for at the moment. According to her contract she will be at the club's service from Monday as Betti Határ and the rest of the team's training partner. She will not be named for the Hungarian league games, according to her contract she will be here with us as a free agent.

It is also a well-known fact that we have ended our contract with Alaina Coates. To our greatest pleasure, Candice Dupree will join us to replace her on the team with a contract throughout the entire season! Candice will join us after our tour to Ekaterinburg, on the 27th of September.

Yvonne Turner has been here in Sopron since Monday, but we have given her a compulsory one-week rest, so she will join in the work after our tour to Prague.

Another news from the club is that in Prague we will play only one game on Saturday from 4 pm.

- 2018-09-13

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További hireink
    Yvonne Turner on the national team roster!
Head coach Norbert Székely has announced the roster preparing for the EuroBasket Qualifiers on Monday, and besides Bernadett Határ and Debóra Dubei who have previously played for the team our team's star player Yvonne Turner who also has a Hungarian passport earned a place on the roster, and accepted the entire preparation program without question
10/22 19:53
    Flammes Carolo Basket lose tight game
The weekend brought various results for our Euroleague group phase rivals
10/22 09:53
    Szoros végjátékban maradt alul a Flammes Carolo Basket
Euroligás csoportellenfeleink számára felemás eredményeket hozott a hétvége
10/22 09:50
    Big win in derby against Győr
We were able to pull away from Győr early in the game and secured an important win before the start of the new Euroleague season
10/20 20:45
    Simább lett, mint azt vártuk
Csak az első percekben tudta velünk tartani a lépést a Győr
10/20 20:28
    County derby as warm-up for next week's Euroleague season opener
We are hosting CMB CARGO UNI GYŐR in Novomatic Aréna on Saturday from 6 pm
10/19 13:04
    Megyei rangadóval hangolunk a jövő heti Euroliga rajtra
Szombaton 18 órától a CMB CARGO UNI Győr csapatát fogadjuk a Novomatic Arénában, melyen szeretnénk újabb szintet lépni a játék terén a szerdai Flammes Carolo elleni vendégjáték előtt
10/19 12:28
    Back home: Zsófia Licskai
We have thanked Iva Cuzic for her contribution during the last month on Tuesday
10/17 20:12
    Újra nálunk: Licskai Zsófia
Kedden megköszöntük Iva Cuzicnak az elmúlt egy hónap során nyújtott segítségét
10/17 20:08
    One big quarter was enough in Zalaegerszeg
We have managed to win in a game that was very tight for three quarters, but ten minutes of excellent performance on both ends brought the next victory away from home in Zalaegerszeg
10/17 19:23
    A harmadik negyedben lehúztuk a rolót
A szünet utáni 10 percben bemutatott védekezésünkre és támadásainkra nem volt válasza ellenfelünknek, így szoros félidő után magabiztos sikert arattunk Zaalegerszegen
10/17 18:53
    We will be tried hard in Zalaegerszeg
We will continue our championship campaign in the home of ZTE NKK who are dangerous against every team in the league
10/16 10:47
    Komoly erőpróba vár ránk Zalaegerszegen
Szerdán 17 órakor a mindenkire veszélyes ZTE NKK otthonában folytatjuk a bajnoki küzdelmeket
10/15 14:36
    Three games, three wins
The weekend brought three road wins for our Euroleague group phase rivals
10/15 10:14
    Három meccs, három győzelem
Euroligás csoportellenfeleink számára három idegenbeli győzelmet hozott a hétvége
10/15 10:12
    We got into rhythm slowly
We have delivered the win, but we still have a lot of work to do
10/13 21:02
    Lassan értük el az üzemi hőfokot
Magabiztosan hoztuk a kötelező győzelmet, de még sok munka vár ránk
10/13 20:31
    Olympiacos and Riga joined our group
Two Euroleague qualifiers have been played on Friday to which we have paid attention
10/12 21:43
    Az Olympiacos és a Riga csatlakozott a csoportunkhoz
Pénteken játszottak két olyan Euroliga selejtezőt, melyre fél szemmel mi is odafigyeltünk
10/12 21:01
    Az első idegenbeli bajnokira készülünk
Két hazai győzelem után a bajnokság harmadik fordulójában a PINKK-Pécsi 424 otthonában lépünk pályára szombaton 18
10/12 15:29

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