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Pre-calculated loss in Russia

In the first Euroleague game of the new year Dynamo Kursk took matters into their own hands early in the game and deservedly won it against a very competitive Sopron side.

DYNAMO KURSK - SOPRON BASKET 86-66 (22-17, 27-17, 18-16, 19-16)

Dynamo Kursk: Cruz 1, Prince 11/9, McCoughtry 17/3, Ogwumike 15, Ciak 6 Sub.: Petrovic 22/9, Vadeeva 10, Zhedik 4, Kirillova -, Vidmer -, Levchenko -

Sopron Basket: Fegyverneky 4, Turner 13, Crvendakic 11/3, Milovanovic 9/3, Langhorne 11 Sub.: Dubei 10/6, Határ 4, Jovanovic 2, Weninger 2


FTS: 34/70 49% vs. 24/62 39%

3-PTS: 7/14 50% vs. 4/19 21%

FTS: 11/14 79% vs. 14/18 78%

Rebounds: 43 (Vadeeva 8) vs. 37 (Crvendakic 6)

Assists: 27 (Petrovic, Cruz 5-5) vs. 17 (Fegyverneky 4)

Steals: 9 (Petrovic 3) vs. 5

Turnovers: 9 vs. 14

Blocks: 6 (Ciak 3) vs. 2 (Határ 2)

Faults: 19 vs. 18

The home team came away with the ball from the tip-off, and scored the first basket of the game immediately. Two minutes into the initial quarter McCoughtry doubled the home lead with a lay-up after a penetration, and following the uncontested basket by Prince coach Iniguez called our first time-out (3rd minute 6-0). The short break proved useful for us: Coming back from it Crystal scored our first basket in the game, to which Prince answered back immediately with a three. Aleks made a lay-up for two, and then made the steal leading to a basket by Yvonne. Aleks came up with another steal which led to Crystal being fouled under the rim, but she could convert only one of the free throws. At the other end McCoughtry scored an easy double, but Zsófi managed to reduce the gap to a single basket again. (6th minute 11-9). In the remainder of the quarter Kursk tried everything to pull away from us, but we held on to them, even though they put three more points between the two teams by the end of the quarter (10th minute 22-17).

The second period began with a basket by Zhedik, and on the other end Jeca got fouled on a three-point attempt and she converted all of the free throws awarded. Prince made another three, which was already her third in the game and that tied the biggest lead so far (12nd minute 27-20). Debi aswered back with a shot from behind the arc reducing the gap to four. Heading towards the middle of the second quarter the difference has reached double digits after a triple by McCoughtry for the first time in the game causing coach Iniguez to call our next time-out (14th minute 34-23). Following the steal by Zsófi Yvonne scored an important double and Crystal made another one reducing the difference to seven points. After Ciak's made shot from close in the margin was back up to double digits and following the triple by Petrovic the home team's lead became the biggest so far at 16 points, and we answered back with a triple, hence the first Kursk time-out called by Mondelo (19th minute 47-34). After the time-out Kursk scored two more points setting the half-time score (20th minute 49-34).

Kursk started off the second half with a quick basket, and then forced a turnover that led to a foul at the other end. After the ball came inbound Prince came up with a mid-range double and drew a foul on Zsófi on the next possession increasing her team's lead above the 20-point mark (23rd minute 55-34). Our first basket of the half was made by Crystal almost three minutes into the period. By the 24th minute Kursk was on a 11-3 run in the quarter and the margin became even bigger after a three-point play by Petrovic. After a nice period by us Kursk decided to talk it over, because we came back to a 20-point deficit from an earlier 26-unit handicap (27th minute 65-45). in the following minute the difference stagnated at around 20 points, none of the teams seemed to be able to come up with anything to change that, until Zsófi scored two from the line decreasing the margin to 17 for the closing quarter (30th minute 67-50).

Kursk began the last period with a 5-0 run in 30 seconds, and then came a three-minute period where none of the teams were able to score. This drought was terminated by Virág who managed to put one in the basket from mid-range (34th minute 72-52). Then came Jeca with one out of two made from the line, and from the rebound Aleks converted a triple, to which Kursk answered back the same way (35th minute 75-56). In the remainder of the game both teams fought hard, but couldn't significantly change the outcome of the match, so Kursk continue their unbelievable winning streak, but we shouldn't be ashamed either, because the girls battled hard against the giant of Euroleague (40th minute 86-66).

Roberto Iniguez: We fought hard! I wasn't worried about today's game. We are facing a demanding phase in both competitions, and that's what's going to be important for us!

Debóra Dubei: It's hard to play against a team that good away from home. We were very bad on defense in the first half, which we tried to make up for later. We could see and experience what two minutes lack of concetration means on this level. We have to learn from it for the next game.


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