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Big second quarter gets us victory in derby

We played a tight game against Szekszárd for three quarters, but exploded in the second to secure a huge win in the league.

Sopron Basket - Atomerőmű-KSC Szekszárd 79-56 (21-18, 23-7, 16-13, 19-18)

Sopron Basket: January 14/3, Varga S. 2, Williams 8/3, Brooks 18/3, Krajisnik 12 Sub.: Fegyverneky 11/3, Határ 8, Varga A. 6, Czukor -, Walker -

Atomerőmű-KSC Szekszárd: Studer Á. 15/3, Miklós M. -, Skoric 4, Goree 8, Krnjic 4 Sub.: Szabó F. 8/6, Friskovec 5, Zele 5/3, McCall 4, Theodorean 2, Bálint 2


FGS: 25/56 45% ill. 21/60 35%

3-PTS: 4/14 29% ill. 5/17 29%

FTS: 25/28 89% ill. 9/11 82%

Rebounds: 39 (Krajisnik 15) ill. 31 (Krnjic 7)

Assists: 16 (Fegyverneky, January 4-4) ill. 14 (Studer, Theodorean 3-3)

Steals: 5 ill. 4

Turnovers: 9 ill. 13

Faults: 15 ill. 26

Goree got the game going with a lay-up, to which Gabby answered back with a triple at the other end. Goree and Studer scored four more points for Szekszárd, and then Tina and Krnjic exchanged buckets (4th minute 5-8). Briann made two free throws, and then Tina was successful from inside the paint giving us the lead (9-8). After that we tried to pull away from the guests, but Szekszárd had an answer for everything, so the teams were neck and neck (17-16). The final play of the period was a basket by Alíz from close in, which gave us a little room to breathe (10th minute 21-18).

Zsófi gave Betti a nice assist for an easy basket for two to start the second quarter, and then our captain buried one from mid-range forcing Szekszárd to call a time-out (12th minute 25-18). After the brief talk first Gabby, then Betti denied an attempt under the rim, although Goree’s attempt found its way into the basket. After that we took control of the game, so much so, that by the middle of the quarter we were already in possession of a double-digit advantage (16th minute 31-21). Dávid Gáspár called a time-out after a made shot by Friskovec, following which Sára made a long double, and then Briann came up with a three-point play. With another double by Alíz we were already on a 7-0 run, when Zeljko Djokic called his next time-out (38-23). Briann increased our lead further with a double, while Studer was successful at the other end. The half ended with a triple by Briann, which put us into an advantage just shy of the twenty-point mark (20th minute 44-25).

Skoric made a corner three at the beginning of the second half, while at the other end Jeca copied the shot, and after another double she put two more free throws in place, and after Briann’s basket Szekszárd called their next time-out (25th minute 52-28). McCall scored four quick points after the brief talk, and then Tina made one free throw. In the next minutes Szekszárd came closer, even down below twenty points, but Gabby put an and to their comeback efforts with two successful free throws. By the end of the period the difference stagnated around twenty points, from where we were able to make the first step forward with a double by Betti (30th minute 60-38).

We got the final stage of the game going with a great showing on defense forcing the shot clock violation for Szekszárd and Zeljko Djokic called a time-out right away. Then after a triple by Studer Dávid Gáspár called his team to the bench as well. That wouldn’t stop the guests, though, they kept delivering on offense by Friskovec (60-43). Two foul shots by Tina got us over our slump, and then Zsófi buried a triple just at the right time. A bit later it was Zsófi again who scored an easy lay-up after penetration forcing Zeljko Djokic to call his last time-out in the game (34th minute 69-45). Jeca came up with a four-point play, and then put two free throws in place, while at the other end Fanni Szabó scored five in quick succession forcing Dávid Gáspár’s time-out (75-50). Fanni Szabó answered back to Betti’s two successful free throws with a triple, and then Réka Bálint put a hard two on the scoreboard. The final score was set by a free throw by Friskovec (40th minute 79-56).

Dávid Gáspár: We prepared for the game very well, like we always do. We respect our opponents, who are one of the teams in Hungary with a deep roster, and quality players. We knew it was going to be hard. I asked the girls to fight, and read the opponent's plays, take advantage of their weaknesses. I am happy with how they worked! It was a good game, we controlled it all the way through, and we can also be happy with the difference. I wish them the best of luck for the EuroCup bubble. Hopefully every Hungarian team will represent our nation well in the tournaments in January.

Briann January: We always play big games with Szekszárd. They fight and play with big intensity from the beginning until the end. We knew we always had to focus. We did it, so I am proud of the team, we got a valuable victory!

Zeljko Djokic: Congratulations to Sopron! We started well on offense, we executed some basic plays well that we have been practicing lately, but if you lose focus in the last second, you will boost the other team's confidence. That happened in the second quarter. I had an odd feeling watching my team play after the half-time break. As if we were in an exhibition game. We were able to change that a little, bringing the derby feeling back. We have problems, but I hope time will bring quality in our game. I wish Sopron the best of luck for their Euroleague campaign!

Ágnes Studer: We started the game well on offense, but allowed Sopron many offensive rebounds. However, we were able to keep it level with our scoring ability back then. We couldn't keep doing that in the second quarter, which you can't afford against a team like this. This was our first game against them this year, it felt good to play against a top tier team. We will pay attention to fixing our mistakes in the next game so that we don't get scored on so much. We were passive on offense lots of times, but whenever we were able to get the ball inside, or attacked the rim, we were able to score. We have to analyze the game, and I hope we can play a tighter game next time!

- 2021-01-06

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